League Policies

Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy


  • All PARENTS must follow our Code of Conduct.
  • All COACHES must follow our Code of Conduct.
  • If a PARENT/SPECTATOR is sent off from a game, the parent will serve a minimum 3-game suspension to be enforced by the team manager, team coach, and club.
  • A suspended parent who comes to a game during their suspension will result in the game being forfeited and the coach and manager being suspended from the next 3-games.
  • If a COACH is sent-off from a game, the coach will serve a minimum 3-game suspension from coaching ANY TEAM that participates in the league.
  • Referee abuse by a PLAYER will carry a 6-game, minimum suspension.
  • Referee abuse by a COACH will carry a 1-season, minimum suspension from coaching ANY team in the league.
  • Referee abuse by a PARENT/SPECTATOR will result in the player of the offending parent/spectator being listed as ineligible for the remainder of the season from all games in the league.
  • Issues involving parents from opposite teams that results in the game being stopped before it’s completed will result in the game being a double forfeit and the next scheduled game will also be forfeited for each team, and both teams will be placed on probation for the remainder of the season.
  • Any further issues and the team will be dropped from the league.
  • PARENTS/SPECTATORS who verbally or physically assault any venue staff or league staff at any league event will have their player banned from participating in the league for the remainder of the season.
  • ANY PERSON who touches, confronts, chases, bullies, follows, cusses at, threatens, waits for, tries to fight, attacks, or assaults a referee will be banned FOR LIFE from the league and will be turned over to US Club Soccer for further disciplinary actions.

Parent Code of Conduct


  • FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE: Always treat others (coaches, parents, officials, and players) the same way that you would want you and your child to be treated.
  • Set the example by showing respect, dignity, and total sportsmanship at all times. Avoid profanity, especially when players or younger family members of players are present on the sidelines or at designated team events.
  • ACT YOUR AGE: Youth soccer is for the kids. If you find yourself becoming too emotionally involved in what’s happening on the field, take a step back, walk away and relax. Remember, your childhood is over. Give the players the freedom to enjoy themselves without pressure.
  • BE SEEN, NOT HEARD: Nothing is better for a player than having their parents on hand to watch them play. And nothing is worse for a player than hearing a parent booing, taunting, screaming, or making comments at, or about, players, coaches, fans, or officials (that includes your own team as well as your opponent). Offer applause and cheers of encouragement for both teams following a good play or a great effort, otherwise keep quiet.
  • MOTIVATE THROUGH CONFIDENCE: Try and identify a positive from every game or practice to help build confidence. A player’s sense of achievement is the greatest motivator.
  • DON’T QUESTION AN OFFICIAL’S CALL: You may not agree with a call, but it’s not your job (or the players or coaches either) to officiate the game. Never should an official’s call be argued by a spectator. Accept the call and move on, while staying positive.
  • PUT WINNING AND LOSING IN PERSPECTIVE: Games have winners and losers. Keep reminding your player about this reality and the need to deal with both outcomes. Players should avoid getting too cocky when they win and too upset when they lose. Overcoming adversity is required in life and in sports, so focus on how your player can respond to adversity instead of complaining. Attempt to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.
  • WE ARE NOT REFEREES: We recognize many of the referees are young and are learning to referee. We agree to support their learning efforts as we do youth players. We also agree not to address any referee, no matter age, gender, or level of experience, in any way. We understand that should we want to become a referee there is a pathway of education to explore in order to become certified.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We agree to not criticize or make any negative comment on or through social media or online regarding an opposing team, player, referee, staff member or the soccer community in general.
  • ALCOHOL IS NOT FOR YOUTH SOCCER GAMES: We understand that there is no alcohol allowed at the soccer fields. Nor will drunk and disorderly behavior be tolerated. Anyone caught with alcohol will be banned from league.

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